the naughty gifts

I believe we may have inadvertently started a tradition of exchanging naughty gifts and I didn't want to break away from it because our idea of naughty always includes a large dose of fun... even when our sexcapades put one of us in an embarrassing situation (probably me!), especially then. I love that we're both comfortable and open to trying new things, and that we get to nurture this aspect of our relationship, too. This time, I present to you the "Creative Kisses Card Game - 101 unique ways to kiss your lover." The game-play is fairly easy, you pick a card and give your lover a kiss as per the instructions (e.g. FRUIT KISS: bite on a juicy piece of fruit and share it with your lover's lips). I also added edible bra & panties because I was thinking about writing a card of my own for the game: CANDY KISS - go down on Jen while she's wearing underwear made of candy. What do you say, babe? Are you game?