With Valentine's Day falling on a Tuesday, it was impossible to schedule a romantic getaway in the middle of the week, but that didn't mean they wouldn't be celebrating their love. Lana herself had something up her sleeve and she woke up ridiculously early to put her plan in motion. Perhaps in the grand scheme of things breakfast in bed wasn't too special or out of the ordinary, but she was a firm believer of the old saying "a small gesture goes a long way" and who didn't like to kick off a new day being spoiled? With their crazy schedules and early calls to set, they rarely had the chance to enjoy a sumptuous, relaxed breakfast on a working day. So, Lana bought all the ingredients needed to put together a hearty breakfast with a great assortment of breakfast foods, freshly squeezed orange juice and, of course, she didn't forget the most important part: a cauldron-sized cup of steaming coffee for Jen and a normal-sized one for herself. She even tied some heart shapped balloons to the bed tray and added a bouquet of dark red carnations which meant deep love and affection if her Google search was to be trusted. Lana knew that by the time they had to inevitably leave their bed, they'd do so with full bellies, warm hearts and a smile on their faces.