Lana walks down the red carpet with her hand clasped in Jennifer’s and her heart doing somersaults inside her chest. It’s a combination of things, really, that have her feeling giddy and excited to the point of not being able to contain it. So, she smiles and smiles and smiles. She’s filled with so much pride for her partner because Jen’s movie is about to premiere internationally, at a renowned film festival no less, and that’s kind of a big deal. There’s an usher walking right behind them, guiding their way. When the first flashes start going off, Lana gives her lover’s hand a reassuring squeeze before letting go, albeit somewhat reluctantly. “Go do your thing, Director Morrison,” she says with a playful tilt in her voice. Tonight is about Jen and her creation, the project she worked so hard from the early days behind a camera to the latter ones, sprawled on a couch in the home they share, editing frame after frame with Lana curled into her side. It’s Jen’s time to shine and wow, does she shine. The brunette snaps a picture of Jennifer taking a selfie with a fan and uploads it to her Facebook, she’s happy and she can’t resist sharing a glimpse of the reason behind her happiness with her friends and loved ones. She turns her attention back to the newly red head and Lana’s eyes roam over her appreciatively. The white gown has been sending her wedding vibes all night, it teases her, and the urge to see her fiancée dressed in white as they exchange their “I dos” keeps getting stronger and stronger. Just like that, her heart doing that somersault thing again.