dates septmber 30th - october 1st
accommodations the brampton
location 20 mins from Lake George and 15 mins from Gore Mountain.
❝The Brampton is a secluded lodge situated on the Hudson River amongst 15 acres of woodland tucked away in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains; it's just 20mins from Lake George and 15 mins from the largest ski resort in NY, Gore Mountain.❞
warrensburg, ny weather
we're staying at the "loft" in the main lodge, which is basically a private master bedroom with its own bathroom and balcony. the rooms on the other floors might be booked as well, but at least we'll have our privacy. if the weather is nice, we have the option of spending a night at their luxury tent with an actual bed for our old(ish) backs!

sat, september 30th
arrival & check-in
outdoor activities
• zip-lining or
• ropes course
(either activity is a 20 minute drive from the brampton but the owners are always happy to take us there and back)
let's relax there's a yoga and fitness deck on site, we can take a yoga class together
dinner bar vino in north creek

sun, october 1st

early lunch
the grist mill or
bistro leroux
(both restaurants are in warrensburg)
hiking 15 minutes away from the lodge
hot tub